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The Cursillo (Pronounced: Kur SEE Yo) is an encounter with Christ.  The Cursillo weekend is an invitation for you to experience the love of Jesus Christ on a personal level, and to bring this love and joy into your daily life. When the Cursillo is correctly applied, it can have significant results in the spiritual revitalization of the world in which we live. The Cursillo attitude is contagious. 

The Cursillo Movement makes Christian Community possible in the neighborhoods, parishes, work situations, and other places where people live their lives. It provides the tools, mentality, strength, and support to live life in a Christ-Like manner. It teaches us how to approach evangelization as a natural act of being Christ-Like in our daily activities.

The purpose of Cursillo is to nourish Christian individuals with the knowledge of God's love and grace, and to help them discover their personal mission in the world so they may enjoy the fullness of Christian life.

Cursillo #171: Scheduled for the fall of 2023 (October 5th - 8th).  The Rector for that weekend is Margaret Kolster. The 171 team is listed here.  The candidates for cursillo # 171 are listed here.

We have redesigned the Photos under History and enabled you to click and enlarge each for better viewing. We're still missing several weekends so PLEASE go through your records and see if you have numbers we need.

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