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What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is the name given to the diocesan body that has the general responsibility for the life and direction of the Cursillo Movement in the diocese, under the authority of the Bishop.

In Brief it’s responsibilities are:

  • To promote the Cursillo movement: This means far more than advertising or “signing people up” The goal is to foster an authentic Cursillo based on a through understanding of the Fundamental Ideals of the Movement.

  • To maintain ties with the National Episcopal Cursillo Ministry. Faithful and Fruitful implementation of the Cursillo Method is at the heart of this relationship

  • To over see the workings of the Servant Community which is made up of all those who have made a Cursillo. It is from this group that teams are formed for the three day weekend. It’s focus should not simply be the practicalities of putting on a weekend.

  • To establish ways of assuring an active and vibrant Fourth Day program and to participate fully in their own Fourth Day. It’s health is vital to the growth of the individual and the movement.

  • To Coordinate and solicit Prayer from many sources before, during and after a weekend to support those who are attending and those who are working on team.

  • To foster the Spirit of Cursillo among all the members of the Cursillo community.


The Secretariat should function as the heart of the Movement through humility, and constant prayer. Most importantly in all that it does the Secretariat seeks to give heed to the values and style of our Lord Jesus Christ and to model his leadership as expressed in Luke 22:27 “ I am among you as one who serves”


Mark Crosthwaite, Lay Director

Mark Crosthwaite

Lay Director

Marti Jones, Secretary

Marti Jones


Bruce Comfort, Fourth Day

Bruce Comfort

4th Day Coordinator

Kimberly Truxell, Servant Community

Kimberly Truxell

Servant Community

Bill Anspach, Treasurer

Bill Anspach


Patti Glowatsky, Communications

Patti Glowatsky


Susan Grimm, Spiritual Director

Rev Susan Grimm

Spiritual Director

Dana Van Vliet-Pullin, Assistant Spiritual Director

Dana Van Vliet-Pullin

Assistant Spiritual Director

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