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We're so glad you're here! Cursillo doesn't continue without you!

How do I sign Up?

If you’d like to attend a Cursillo Weekend…..

We’re so glad you’d like to come on a weekend with us! We’re excited to have you!

The Candidate Application form, below on the far left, has three parts:


  • Part ONE is for you to complete with all your contact information. Please print legibly, so we can contact you, and so we are aware of any dietary needs or physical requests.


  • Part TWO is for your sponsor to complete. Why have a sponsor? So you have someone to tell you about the weekend, answer your questions, and to help you get ready.  Your sponsor must be a Cursillista - someone who has made Cursillo already. If you do not know one, your parish priest may, or feel free to contact us at the address below.  We’ll help you connect with someone from your area.

  • Part THREE is so you can discuss with your parish priest if this is a good time for you to attend a weekend.


If you’d like to work on Team for a Cursillo Weekend…..

We are always seeking folks to serve on Team. We strive to make up the teams with 1/3 Cursillistas who have never served or served only once, 1/3 who have served several times and 1/3 who have served many times. Your application is found below in the center.


If you think you may need Financial Assistance

We’re happy to make scholarship funds available. The application found below will give you further details.


All applications should be mailed to Cursillo in Southern Virginia, P.O. Box 11027, Norfolk Virginia, 23517

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